We are Apogee Associates Limited, a company founded by four colleagues and friends who wanted to bring an innovative, client-centric approach to the R&D tax credit sector.

Though the term “innovation” is fundamental to R&D tax credits, many consultancies have a traditional, antiquated offering. This has led to a wash of options to choose from, all offering a similar service, based on what companies speculate their client’s want.

At Apogee, we take innovation seriously and recognise that different businesses have unique requirements and preferences. Our bespoke approach ensures you get your idea of “excellent service”, tailored to your individual requirements, and our investment in advanced processes, systems and technologies ensure you’ll receive the best possible benefit for your activities.

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits

The R&D tax credit scheme is run by HMRC to enable companies that have invested in innovation to recover their associated costs. The guidance from HMRC is extensive, but at times can appear vague, making it difficult for individual companies or their accountants to understand the full potential of the scheme. We take the pain out of the application process, making it seamless (and interesting!), whilst ensuring you receive your maximum potential benefit.

Our team have over 10 years’ experience in specialist R&D tax consultancy and provide the technical knowledge to identify and support all types of application. Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve maintained a true 100% success rate, ensuring no application was rejected, or even queried, by HMRC.

Here at Apogee, we practice what we preach; innovation is at the forefront of everything we do and we are constantly exploring new technologies and methods of improving our service to clients, all while operating ethically, responsibly and sustainably.

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits

Don't just take our word for it...

"The team at Apogee have been nothing less than excellent from the very start of our relationship. We have been able to completely trust them with our clients and records and they have always provided a swift service. The value they bring to the R&D tax returns adds benefit every time. Their work is partly a collaboration with us and the two work together smoothly. It’s actually a shame R&D returns are only annual - we’d happily work with them month by month."