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We help businesses of all sizes get money for their innovation.
  • No lock-in contracts
  • 100% success rate; everything we have worked on has been processed in full and without query
  • Best recovery net of fee in the industry
  • Small expert team working on every application
  • We do all of the heavy lifting and liaise with HMRC on your behalf so you can focus on your business

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits

What makes us different?

Many R&D providers require their clients to invest significant amounts of time filling in forms or trawling through inordinate amounts of financial data. Our refined process saves your time and ensures you recover everything you are entitled to!

It’s that simple!

“Having worked with two different R&D tax credit providers, and having reviewed and successfully uplifted applications from many more, we observed several issues with R&D tax credit consultancies during our time in the industry; nobody could offer clients exceptional service at a reasonable cost that ensured all of their client’s eligible activities and expenditure was captured and properly presented”
Nat Mortazavi
Apogee Associates' Managing Director

This is where Apogee comes in…

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits
    Apogee Associates                     
  •  100% success rate
  •  No lock-in contracts  
  •  NO UPFRONT FEE                    
  • Fully contingent fee
    (only payable if application is processed)
  •  In-house experts work on every application
  •  Optimised recovery
  •  Free eligibility assessment
  •  Straightforward data collation process
Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits
What are R&D tax credits?

The R&D tax credit incentive is run by HMRC to enable companies that have invested in innovation to recover costs.

The guidance from HMRC is extensive, but at times can appear vague, making it difficult for companies or their accountants to understand exactly what they are entitled to. We take the pain out of the application process, making it seamless (and interesting!), whilst ensuring you receive your maximum benefit.

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits
Our commitment to sustainability

In a world of greenwashing, the word “sustainability” gets thrown around a lot. To us, sustainability means making ethical operation profitable, in a way that looks after the planet and the people on it.
Sustainability is at the core of everything we do as a business. For every application we submit, we plant 100 trees to combat deforestation and fund numerous projects to help global communities and the environment. We donate 5% of our profits to the protection of the world’s rainforests, use sustainable suppliers, measure our wastage and persistently make efforts to reduce the impact of our operations.

  • Every application has a positive environmental impact
  • Sustainable suppliers
  • Environmentally efficient operations