Here at Apogee, sustainability is one of our core values.

We believe that any business can have a positive impact on the world through their work. We’re all firm believers that it’s essential for businesses and individuals to take action to combat the climate crisis, now more than ever. As such, we’ve engaged in numerous initiatives to work towards a positive future for our planet.

We’re proud to work alongside Ecologi, a great community that helps the world’s reforestation by planting trees as well as funding numerous restoration projects around the globe with the aim to offsetting carbon.

We’re also partnered with One Tribe, who’s work helps protect existing rainforests from deforestation due to logging, mining, oil and gas extraction and agriculture. One Tribe protect these areas by purchasing, designating and titling the land  to lock in carbon, and protect the flora, fauna, trees and the tribes that live there.

Each application we process will fund both causes to provide an immediate impact on carbon emissions and set the scene to offset even more in the future through the new trees planted.

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits


One Tribe

How does it work?

For each application we compile, part of our fee will contribute to planting new trees through The Eden Reforestation Project. In addition to that, we’re going to be funding different projects every month to remove greenhouse gasses and mitigate our carbon footprint as a business. Each of these projects also provides employment opportunities for local communities, creating a positive social outcome. 

In their two years of activity, Ecologi have planted 16.5 million trees and reduced 446,719 tonnes of carbon, a significant impact in the fight against climate change.

How does it work?

We donate a portion of the revenue we make from every application to One Tribe. This helps support the protection of rainforests and guards against deforestation. Our contributions help prevent the worldwide rise of global carbon emissions and protect over 500 species at risk of extinction in the tropical rainforest ecosystem. Rainforests are home to many indigenous communities, meaning that the protection of this environment is key for ensuring food, water and economic prosperity is available for those living in the area.

So far, One Tribe has protected over 18 billion trees and stored over 4.1 billion metric tonnes of CO2, helping to protect our planet against further climate change.