Our Values

Apogee Associates R&D Tax Credits
  1. Purpose: At Apogee, we have a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. Our goal is to make ethical operation profitable by adding value to the world and the people we connect with, not consuming from it.
  2. Equity: We believe in fairness above all else. Circumstances differ, intricacies exist, and sometimes treating everything the same can cause problems. Being fair ensures a positive outcome for all.
  3. Humility: We are passionate about improvement and will take every opportunity we can to do things better. Though we are proud of our offering and the success rate we have achieved, we believe every piece of work we do should be subject to the same degree of diligence and scrutiny as the first.
  4. Respect: We believe respect is not something that can be acquired like a possession; being respectable is a state that must be maintained like any other. We never stop striving to maintain that state.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Perfection is an unobtainable state, but by continuously improving how we do things, we try to get ever closer.
  6. Responsibility: Every action has a social and environmental consequence. We own our actions and our consequences.
  7. Honesty: We believe honesty is to be expected, not something to be proud of. Openness and transparency are fundamental to how we operate.
  8. Innovation: The world is moving ever faster; those who innovate, thrive. Those who do not get left behind. We are constantly innovating to ensure our services are at the forefront of the industry, increasing the value we add, improving our efficiency and reducing our environmental impact.
  9. Stick to the Path: Values mean nothing if they are not adhered to. Our values are the founding principles of our company and we ensure they govern all actions we take and decisions we make.
  10. Enjoy the Journey: Our goal is to make Apogee a great company to work with; whether your journey with us is as a client, partner or an employee, we want to make sure you have a excellent experience.
Our Values