Military Tax Refunds

On average, Military Personnel get £3,000 back through Military Tax Refunds!

Military Tax Refunds allow former and serving members of the military to recover job related costs, including money spent on milage and travel to and from base, food and drink expenses, and more.

With an average recovery of £3,000 and the ability to claim back across the last 4 years, Military Tax Refunds are a great way to get extra cash.

Fund your holidays, nights out or fuel your kit pest habits! Or put it into savings for the future…

And you can do it every year!

How it Works


It’s quite simple; when you’re posted to base for less than 24 months, this is classed as a “temporary workplace” by HMRC, meaning you can claim back the cost of your travel to and from base.

If you live in Birmingham but are posted to Bickleigh and are going back home every weekend, those fuel costs add up quickly!

Luckily, with our MTR service, you can claim those costs back – an easy way to make back some cash.

You can also recover other job related costs, like uniform laundering, overnight stays, and expenses.

Here’s a full list of the main costs we can recover:

  • Running costs for vehicles you use for work:
    • Mileage is the big one here. You can claim the cost of your miles to and from base (as a temporary workplace).
    • The milage rate covers both fuel and wear and tear of the vehicle, so it’s quite generous!
    • If you’ve had part of the milage reimbursed (by Get You Home or Home to Duty, for example), you can claim the remainder.
  • Travel and overnight expenses:
    • Travel costs to and from base (like train tickets) that are not related to your vehicle can be claimed, in addition to any hotel and food and drink expenses you’ve had to pay when staying away for work.
  • Uniforms, work clothing and tools:
    • Mess dress and uniform costs can be claimed at a flat rate of £100 for Royal Marines, Army, and RAF and at a rate of £80 for the Navy. You can include the cost of tools you’ve bought for work use, too.

We can also recover these costs for you (though they’re not usually relevant for the military):

  • Relief for working from home
  • Professional fees, subscriptions, and training courses
  • Other substantial equipment you need to buy for work

What you get back depends on your income tax rate. So, if you’re paying 20% income tax and claim for £10,000 of expenses, you would get back £2,000.

£10,000 may seem like a hefty expense bill, but remember you can claim for the last 4 years!

Our Process

We’ve made our process as straight forward as possible, so you can spend more time thinking about what to spend your refund on, while we do the admin to get it.

We’ll contact you via your preferred method (which you can select when enquiring) and outline what we need to submit the claim.

Generally, though, all we require is:

  • P60s and P45s
  • Monthly payslips
  • A list of bases attended and assignment orders
  • Details of travel i.e. when you travelled to and from base
  • Receipts (if you’re travelling by public transport and purchasing clothing for work)

And we’ll take care of the rest!

It’s that easy!

About Us

About Us

1. (formal) the highest point of something, where it is greatest or most successful.

Apogee are a specialist tax consultancy with decades of experience and close ties to the military.

We’re an Armed Forces Covenant signatory and work closely with the incredible veteran-founded charity Rock2Recovery.

Our mission is to help service personnel recover the costs they are legally entitled to with our seamless process for a fair price.

The result: minimal work for maximum gain.

Our 5* rated service is designed with your satisfaction as our top priority.

Apogee’s values are at the centre of everything we do:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Tenacity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Responsibility

Our Values

Respect: Earned and maintained, not acquired and possessed. Embody the qualities you admire and stay humble.

Integrity: Be truthful, open, reasonable, and criticise oneself before others.

Tenacity: Achievement requires sacrifice, growth happens outside of the comfort zone, and nothing worth doing is ever easy. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Continuous Improvement: Start every day with the goal of being better than the last. Innovate and evolve.

Responsibility: Have the courage to own your actions, your inaction, your failures, and your successes. Be autonomous, be decisive.

Stick to the Path and Enjoy the Journey: Stay disciplined, make every day the best it can be and celebrate, because tomorrow never comes.

Our Team

Apogee was founded by four friends and colleagues who were tired of companies charging high fees for bog standard service.

We knew we could offer more for less, and that’s exactly what we’ve done, having built a reputation for incredible service at a highly competitive price.

Our values are the heart of our business, and we’ve built the company around them.

Our vision is for Apogee to be a company that people want to work at and with, is sustainable in every sense of the word and becomes a powerful force for good in the world.

Nathaniel Mortazavi

Nathaniel Mortazavi

A natural and driven leader, Nat has held several senior management roles in both corporate and startup environments. He applied for the Royal Marines aged 18, but after having his application put on hold, went into the world of business.

Rapidly advancing to management positions, Nat ran the UK flagship branch of a German multinational aged 21, and by 23 had co-founded his own business. He left this company to start Apogee with the vision of delivering the best service in the industry, for less than competitors were charging, and in a way that had a positive impact on the world.

A big believer in self-development and continuous improvement, Nat completed an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School whilst simultaneously founding and running Apogee, going on to graduate with a Distinction.

Nat has a keen interest in science and technology and an inherently inquisitive mind. He enjoys precision rifle, practical and clay pigeon shooting, scuba diving, skydiving, paramotoring, motorcycling and martial arts.

He is a passionate outdoorsman and amateur mountaineer, having completed the Three Peaks Challenge, Yorkshire Three Peaks, The Fan Dance (28kg pack), Cotswold Way 100km (22kg – 14kg endex pack), numerous winter mountain expeditions and canoed the Caledonian Canal.

Nat maintained close ties to the military over the years and is currently serving with the Army Reserves.

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Jack Morgan

Starting his working life as a buyer in the agricultural sector, Jack gained an understanding of the industry specific technology and what makes a business tick from an operational and logistical standpoint.

He went on to work with a variety of start-ups, ranging from software companies to automotive firms, further expanding his technical knowledge.

Jack developed an appetite for entrepreneurialism, due to a desire to build and shape a business directly, allowing him to help people in a more tangible way.

He has been involved in four startups, co-founding a business with Nat and two others, before going on to found Apogee alongside Josh, Ben, and Nat. Jack’s drive for Apogee came from an opportunity to do things how he thought they should be done, whilst working with people he likes and trusts.

Jack’s primary role at Apogee is to look after our clients and partners, ensuring the commercial direction of the business remains true to course. He has been involved in every area of the company and is regularly on hand to help out different departments when flexibility of resource is needed.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys golf, clay pigeon shooting and scuba diving. He’s big into luxury brands and fast cars.

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Josh Mortazavi CasualJosh Mortazavi

Josh Mortazavi

A keen technical thinker, Josh has an interest in engineering, particularly in mechanical configurations.

Pursuing this interest in the early stages of his career, he joined one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and gained experience in the various sub-sectors of the automotive industry, including mechanical assembly, design, analytics and testing.

Josh left this position to join Nat and Jack in the early stages of their former business due to a desire to have a more tangible impact on the direction of a company. Josh incorporated Apogee alongside the three other co-founders in October 2020, aiming to build a reliable, professional and efficient organisation using the technical knowledge and skills gained during his time in the sector.

At Apogee, Josh runs the operations of the business and is always looking for ways to make things more efficient, by implementing new software, writing new policies, creating new processes and refining existing ones. 

Josh keeps himself busy with hobbies including motorcycling, clay pigeon shooting, hiking, running and gaming, though his real passion is scuba diving. Although he doesn’t get to dive as frequently as he’d like, Josh has been lucky enough to dive in some amazing locations, like Mexico, Turkey, Cuba and the Mediterranean.  

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Ben Hewitt CasualBen Hewitt

Ben Hewitt

After graduating with a first in Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management at Loughborough University, Ben qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) with a leading international accountancy practice.

During his tenure, working for both the Forensic Investigation Services and the Deal Advisory team, Ben was shortlisted for the Aspiring Talent category at the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year awards, for his outstanding performance within the business and efforts outside of work, including organising charity fundraisers.

Ben left this position to join Nat, Jack and Josh at their previous company, where he worked as an Associate Director.

Having wanted to start his own business from an early age, Ben co-founded Apogee to fulfil his dream of making a difference to individuals and businesses, using his unique skills to take responsibility for the financial management of the company.

Outside of work, Ben is a keen sportsman and spends his time either playing or watching skiing, football, and everything in between.

Ben completed Yorkshire Three Peaks in 2021, the Cotswold Way 100km in 2022 and in 2023, the London Marathon with a time of 3 hours 38 minutes, raising £4,200 for With You, a charity that works tirelessly to support those battling mental health issues, as well as other illnesses like alcohol and drug addiction.

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Anastasija Kolcova CasualAnastasija Kolcova

Anastasija Kolcova

Always up for a challenge, Anastasija left her home country Latvia at the age of 18 to study Accounting & Finance at one of Scotland’s top universities.

She further expanded her skills and knowledge by taking part in different business competitions, performing duties of Treasurer for her university football club, and attending the International Summer School at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China.

After graduating she was hoping to find a company that would not only be very ambitious and goal-oriented but would also share her strong ethical values and emphasise the social and environmental impact of the business. This is why she joined Apogee.

Wanting to make the world a better place, Anastasija has always enjoyed volunteering. In her previous position she was a football coach for a team of young girls back in Scotland.

She likes to stay active, and usually spends her weekends exploring the UK, hiking, playing football, bouldering, or boxing. Never one to stay still, Anastasija dreams about traveling the world, learning new languages and discovering different cultures.

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Antonio Narducci CasualAntonio Narducci

Antonio Narducci

After graduating in Business and Administration at the University of Studies G. d’Annunzio, Italy, Antonio decided to pursue his passion and become a personal fitness trainer, which enabled him to help several clients to achieve their fitness objectives and happiness. However, during his studies, he developed a keen interest in marketing.

Over the years, Antonio’s desire to explore the marketing discipline grew. He decided to move to the UK and challenge himself to learn a new language and study marketing in one of the UK’s prestigious universities. He completed his Master’s degree in International Marketing Strategy at the University of Northampton, graduating with the grade of Distinction.

Antonio joined Apogee in July 2020 as a Marketing Associate, fascinated by the opportunity to work closely with some of the most innovative businesses in the UK and join an ethical organisation where he can put into practice his knowledge about marketing.

His passion for fitness never left him; in his spare time, Antonio loves natural bodybuilding training. He is also passionate about a variety of other sports, particularly football and motorsports.

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We charge 30% (including VAT) of whatever we recover for you (25% + VAT), which is 17.7% cheaper than our competitors!

We don’t believe in artificially slowing things down – ALL of our applications are fast-tracked.

We do believe in supporting the armed forces, which is why we donate £10 to Rock2Recovery for every application we submit, and are a member of the Armed Forces Covenant.

So, if you had expenses of £10,000, we would recover £2,000 for you, and our fee would be £600 (including VAT), putting £1,400 straight into your pocket.

With Apogee, you get the best service in the industry at a highly competitive price.

On top of that, choosing Apogee as your provider automatically enrols you into our Summit Club, giving you access to fantastic discounts from well-known veteran-owned brands!

Our business relies on delivering a great service to generate recommendations; if you send people our way, you’ll have the opportunity to easily cover our fee and earn a great additional income stream!

The Summit Club

The Summit Club is your ticket to getting the most out of Apogee, and our way of rewarding your loyalty and support.

With cash rewards, free prizes, discounts on popular brands and loyalty bonuses, The Summit Club has lots to offer!

The Benefits

We’re partnering with cutting edge, top quality veteran-owned brands to bring you exclusive discounts on fantastic products. We are honoured to work with such amazing companies and delighted to pass these deals on to you.

As a member of The Summit Club, you will have access to these incredible deals, and will also be entered into prize draws, with the opportunity to win awesome products from our partners. These opportunities only increase as you rank up your membership, with much more to be announced soon.

How to Join

If you choose Apogee for your Military Tax Refunds, you’re automatically enrolled into the Summit Loyalty Club, with all the benefits it brings!

By referring people to Apogee, you will climb the ranks in The Summit Club, and gain access to  more exclusive rewards as thanks for your continued loyalty.

We’ll keep you posted on discounts, new partners and deals as they happen, so keep an eye out for our emails in your inbox.

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Always moving forward…

Unrelenting pursuit of excellence… continuous improvement… hard to please… however you want to put it, we’re never satisfied and always looking for ways to improve.

If you have any feedback, please send it to We’re grateful for all constructive feedback (good or bad) and want to make sure our services continue to get better.


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